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A Quick Way In To Stay In Shape & Anti Aging

We all know how important our personal health is to us but we all struggle to find time to keep fit and healthy and keep our weight and cardio health in check. It’s so difficult to find a couple hours 3 times a week to visit the gym.

The vibration Plate is ideal for our busy lifestyles allowing us to condense a whole gym workout into 10-15 minutes at home.

The vibration Plate is also ideal if you have never exercised before or are extremely out of shape due to the fact that it is low impact form of exercise.

The vibration plate stimulates and exercisey our muscles and like any other exercise you will begin to feel better and healthier in no time at all.


Looking attractive and feeling healthy helps your self confidence.

We all strive to look our best and keep our weight in check with our busy lifestyles and work and family commitments. Finding time to visit the gym, change and shower all takes time. The vibration Plate may just be what you require. Exercising on the vibration Plate 3-4 times a week can help you keep healthy and your weight down.

The vigorous vibrations from the vibration Plate stimulate your muscles and burn calories. The vibration Plate also firms and tones your body as you target those vibrations on the stubborn areas typically, tummies, bums and legs.(just like normal exercise)

So get that PERFECT FIGURE & Anti Aging faster using the Vibration Plate.

Stay Young. Feel Good

We all know what the experts tell us about keeping ourselves healthy and fit as we get older and move into midlife. Eat healthy food in moderation, Keep active and of course keep away from fat, alcohol and cigarettes.

The Vibration Plate is a best Anti Aging therapy like any form of regular exercise can help you stay fit and healthy when used regularly.

As we get older the body begins to decline as we get over 35 years old and it becomes more important to exercise to tone and maintain muscle tone. Using the Vibration Plate gives Anti Aging allows you to maintain your fitness and improve your overall health.

Seniors can benefit most of all from vibration training…. Due to the low impact nature of the Vibration Plate it will keep you fit and looking good into old age.

Increasing Bone Mass Density & Anti Aging

Here are the findings from a recent detailed 8 month study on a pivotal machine (Gallileo 2000).

  1. The study found significantly positive results for Bone Mass Density & Anti Aging increase in post menopausal women using pivotal as compared to lineal machines. (4% increase at the hip;other 8 month studies with lineal machines with variety of protocols had given no significant increment in Bone Mass Density – findings of Torvinen et al, 2003).
  2. It also found that this Whole Body Vibration (WBV) protocol was superior than 55 minutes of walking + 5 minutes stretching 3 times a week for developing Bone Mass Density.
  3. It found this WBV protocol superior to walking for developing a better balance in the subjects (29% for the WBV group and Nil for the walking group).

The amplitude used was 3mm, frequency 12.6 Hz, with static standing with knee flexion at a 60 degree angle, with a graduated increase in training sets starting with 3 sets x 1 minute reaching 6 sets x 1minute, with 1 minute rest in between. Training was 3 times a week.

Points For Discussion

(1) Do the findings and referenced research literature of this study confirm experiential findings that lineal machines do not improve balance in the static standing only position? If so, are there any positions that can be used with a lineal machine to improve balance – for example standing with one leg on the machine and the other on a non-moving stable same height platform?

(2) Similarly, in the standing position only exercise, is there confirmation that in lineal machines the Bone Mass Density does not really increase (what about golgi bodies stimulating bone mineralization as per other studies?)

(3) Researchers here are citing studies that higher frequencies of 35-40 Hz using a pivotal machine 3 times a week with 4-6 sets would be beneficial for the elderly for balance improvement. How does this co-relate with guidelines on this site that recommend pivotal vibrations do not exceed 30 Hz?

Source: Low-frequency vibratory exercise reduces the risk of bone fracture more than walking: a randomized controlled trial–Narcís Gusi, Armando Raimundo, and Alejo Lea.

Intense Exercise without Intense Effort for Anti Aging

Whole Body Vibration is perfectly suited to Anti Aging and modern lifestyles where nobody has enough time and many people are not physically capable of performing traditional kinds of Anti Aging & Weight Loss Exercise like jogging and lifting weights because their bodies are too worn out and painful. A Vibration Plate allows you to start gently and progressively increase the stimulation using postures that don’t strain or harm your joints.

During intense exercise, the stimulus to your muscles, nerves and bones makes your body want to become stronger and provides Anti Aging to your skin and face. By stimulating reflexes and increasing the gravitational load on your body, Whole Body Vibration training is a way of amplifying Anti Aging that stimulus without increasing your own conscious effort. Unlike regular exercise, the Whole Body Vibration machine provides most of the movement for you so there’s no need to be jumping around or having to master difficult poses and procedures. It’s fun and feels great!

More Results in Less Time for Anti Aging

Imagine performing 10,000 muscle contractions in only 10-minutes. A Vibration Plate machine is unique in that it can provide a training stimulus ranging from a gentle 1G of gravitational load right up to an intense 17G or 17 times Earth’s gravity. 10-minutes is enough time to quickly warm-up your whole body, exercise the areas you want to improve, then cool down.

Stay In Shape & take Anti Aging while Staying At Home

Regardless of the weather, a Vibration Plate workout can be performed all year round in the comfort of your own home or office. Even if you only use the machine for massage, it is something you will look forward to using every day and the whole family can benefit, it’s safe for all ages.

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